Non Espresso Drinks

For those of you who are not as passionate about coffee as we are, we offer a wide variety of non-espresso-based drinks. Each drink has been carefully crafted to give you the feel of a coffee house without the coffee. So enjoy these Australian made drinks and we won’t make too much fun of your lack of coffee desire.

Iced Tea: Enough cool to quench the driest mouth. Try either Lemon, Peach or Raspberry in a tall glass and ice for $4.00.

Italian Soda: Pick your favourite flavour from our wide range and enjoy in a sparkling water; whipped cream and/or milk added upon request. Only $4.00.

Magnum: A cold drink with the flavours of mint and vanilla; topped with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles for $5.25

Chai Tea Latte: Our special Chai tea syrup mixed with either hot or cold milk. Served in three sizes – mug, bucket & bowl – starting at $3.30.

Fruit Juices: We have two different fruit juices – apple and orange – for $3.50.

Hot Apple Cider: Apple juice heated to perfection with a hint of cinnamon and vanilla; topped with whip and caramel. Served in three sizes – mug, bucket & bowl – starting at $3.30.

Hot Chocolate: Our special chocolate mixed with steamed milk; whipped cream and marshmallows are available on request. Served in three sizes – mug, bucket & bowl – starting at $3.30.

Hot Tea: Try one of our wonderfully flavoured hot teas. Flavours include Apple/Cinnamon, Chamomile, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Green, Irish Breakfast, Lemon Spice, Licorice Spice, Orange and Peppermint for $3.30.

Iced Chocolate: Ice, milk, chocolate and more chocolate; topped with whipped cream and velvet chocolate. Served in a tall chocolate laced latte glass for $5.25. Also available in strawberry & caramel.

Nudie: These specialty fruit drinks are something. Try one of our four flavours: Cranberry & Raspberry; Mango & Passion Fruit; Orange, Carrot & Ginger; and Peach, Pineapple, Mango & Coconut for $3.50. Try it as a smoothie for $5.25.

Soft Drinks: We have a wide variety of soft drinks.

Bottled Spring Water for $2.00.
Coke: Choose from either regular or Diet in a special cafe bottle; $3.50.
Solas: Adrenaline (apple, cranberry & raspberry infused with guarana, Siberian ginseng & B vitamins), Bliss (pink grapefruit, cranberry & strawberry infused with calcium & B vitamins), Cherish (white peach & pear infused with folate & vitamin C) & Power (orange & carrot infused with guarana ginkgo biloba, green tea, B & C vitamins) Each flavour is only $3.50.
Sanpellegrino: Chinotto & Limonata. Each flavour is only $3.50.
Torquay: Bondi Cola, Lemon, Lemon & Lime, Portello (Classic Mediterranean Grape) and Pure (Sparkling Natural Mineral Water). Each flavour is only $3.50.