About Us

Mars Hill was designed with you in mind. That may sound strange coming from a small business, but that’s what we are about. So here are a few stories/philosophies that we love to share. Keep an eye out, more might be coming!!

At Mars Hill café we strive to provide you with a “second lounge room” experience. We hope you find a comfortable place to have a chat with friends, friends you don’t know yet or our friendly staff. We provide a large range of coffee-based drinks and light snacks. Enjoy “your” café!

Every great espresso is a culmination of beans that have journeyed many paths to reach their chosen destination. Each one of these beans have been chosen because of their unique personalities. These beans are brought together to create a distinctive blend. Catapulted into a large abyss, they are toasted in turmoil, buffeted about within their new environment. After this process each is again selected, combined with others and perfectly ground together, measured out and expressed with purified water resulting in a dark creamy experience of a beverage.

A while ago but less than a lifetime, a bean had an idea. It was a good bean but not the best bean. He shared his idea with some other beans and from there, they began a journey. As the beans marched along the path they were often heard to say, “Adapt, Improvise, Overcome.” Each bean had its own flavour to add to the mix and this is what has given the endeavour its signature aroma.

The grinding continues, new beans are added, the experience grows in richness and uniqueness. Beans dream. Truly beans dream.